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[title] Tuning Fans
[* black] RepRapFirmware on the Duet allows you to fine tune the behavior of the PWM controlled fans. Every fan is a little different, and to get the best performance and acoustics out of it, you may want to experiment with different PWM frequencies, etc.
+[* black] More information on how fans are controlled with the M106 command here: [[Gcode#Section_M106_Fan_On]]
+[* black] On the Ender 3 used in this guide the best (quietest) results were found by using a frequency of 20Hz.
+[* black] Values lower than 20 would tend to pulse, and values higher than 60 had a high pitched whine. Values above 1000 would not spin up.
+[* black] With these changes, you may not even be tempted to replace the stock fans with quieter options, saving you time and money.

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