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+[title] Finish Tab (Fans)
+[* black] The final tab will configure the fans and allow you to define any additional gcode commands to add to the config file.
+ [* black] Click the add fan button to add Fan2
+ [* black] Fan0: Speed 0, No, 20, No (Part cooling fan)
+ [* black] Fan1: Speed 0, No, 20, Yes, E0, 45 (Hot end heat sink fan)
+ [* black] Fan2: Speed 0, No, 20, Yes, Bed/E0, 45 (Electronics case fan)
+ [* black] Custom settings: M918 P1 E4 ; Enable 12864 LCD with 1 menu item per encoder click
+[* black] This will have the fans turn off at startup, setup Fan0 for the part cooling fan, setup Fan1 for the hot end fan to turn on automatically at 45c, and Fan2 as the case fan which will turn on automatically when either the bed or the hot end reach 45c, which is basically during a print.
+[* black] In my testing I found that the fans are quietest and start spinning most reliably with 20hz frequency. Other fans may behave differently. If your fans have a high-pitched whine, or don’t reliably spin at low speeds, try experimenting with the fan frequency. Values from 10 to 30000 are usable. 500 is default.

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