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[* black] Give your printer a name that will show up on your network and set a password if you wish.
[* black] In order to connect to the web interface, we need to reliably know the IP address of the Duet. You have two options for this: Static IP versus Dynamic IP
[* black] 1. Set a static IP address in the config file of the Duet that falls within your network range, but which isn’t already used, or likely to be used by your router for another device in the future.
[* black] 2. Use DHCP to let the router choose a suitable IP address for the Duet and then use the Router control panel to reserve that IP address for future use by the Duet.
[* black] For this guide, we will be using DHCP to get an IP address from the Router as it is best practice to use DHCP to assign the address and then use the router control panel to assign the address permanently with a DHCP reservation. This prevents any possible future IP conflicts with another device on the network.
[* black] The steps for setting up a reservation will depend on your model of router and is outside the scope of this guide, but instructions can usually be found in the manual for the router.

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