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[title] Reassembly - CloseClosing up the Case
[title] Reassembly - CloseClosing up the Case
[* black] Now reinstall the bottom plate with the case fan attached. It will take a little bit of wiggling to get the tab past the edge of the board. Once all the small screws are secured, you can finally tighten to two large screws on the front.
[* black] The case fan is installed in the same orientation as it was originally which pulls air out of the case, which should be ideal as it will draw in fresh air through the grills right next to the driver chips. For the currents and loads being used on the stock Ender 3 Pro this should be adequate cooling.
[* black] The next guide will go through using the RepRapFirmware Web configurator to generate a config file set.
[* black] [guide|38]