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[title] Stepper Motor Connections
[* black] The stepper motor connectors technically do not need to be re-crimped, however the ridges on the motor plugs that ensure they can only be plugged in one way to the Creality board need to be clipped off. A pair of side cutters works well.
[* black] This has the advantage of saving a lot of time crimping as well as keeping all the wires in the correct order. However, it does have the disadvantage of no longer being keyed, so you must ensure they are plugged into the board the right way around.
[* black] The side of the plug that you snipped the guides off will go towards the white pillar of the board connector. It may help to mark this side of the motor plug with a dot to help you keep track.
[* black] Further information on connecting motors can be found here on the wiki.
[* black] [[Choosing and connecting stepper motors]]