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[title] Hot End Heater Connection
[* black] The hot end heater should ideally use the included bootlace ferrules. (White plastic with round tube) but due to the tight quarters of the Ender 3 Pro case, we will use the bare wires directly in the screw down terminal block.
[* black] Ensure that the wires are twisted tightly together, insert the wire end completely into the E0 heater terminal, and screw it down firmly.
[* black] You may need to trim the length of the bare wire so that it fits entirely within the connector with no visible wire strands.
[* black] If you do wish to use the ferrules with the stock enclosure, you will likely need to make a small cutout for clearance, or use a different enclosure all together.
[* black] Further information on hot end heaters can be found in the wiki.
[* black] - [[Connecting extruder heaters]]

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