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[title] Power Supply and Bed Heater Connections
[* black] The power supply leads and the bed heater will use the blue spade terminals. You will need a suitable crimper tool for these as well.
[* black] Note the polarity. Black (-) and red (+). Check for silkscreen markings on the PCB near the connectors. Or Check the wiring diagram.
[* black] You will need to bend the spade terminals up a bit to fit into the case as we will see during reassembly.
[* black] Further information on power supplies and bed heaters can be found here on the wiki.
[* black] [[Choosing a bed heater#Section_Low_voltage_12V_or_24V_DC_bed_heater]]
[* black] [[Choosing the power supply]]
[* black] [[Power Wiring]]
[* black] [[Duet 2 Maestro Wiring Diagram]]