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[title] Preparation
[* black] Once you have your Ender 3 pro up and running, you’ll want to plan out your upgrade path before taking it apart. At the very least you’ll need an adapter to mount the Duet Maestro board in the Ender 3 electronics enclosure. Download link:
[* black] You also have the option of replacing the enclosure entirely with something on your choosing. There are a few printable enclosure options on Thingiverse. Though if you go this route, you may need to extend some of the wiring.
[* black] Next, go through the LCD menu and record certain details about the firmware settings, mainly axis length, steps per mm, acceleration, max speed, and jerk settings. This will be required when we use the RepRapFirmware Web Configurator to prepare our starting configuration files.
[* black] Most of this information can also be found in the Marlin Configuration.h file. Your SD card from Creality may contain the Marlin files, so it can be downloaded from the Creality website or GitHub repository.