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[title] Configuring IRZ Probe
[title] Configuring IRZ Probe
[* black] Begin by familiarizing yourself with the different probe modes which can be found [|on the wiki].
[* black] Navigate to Settings, then System Editor and open the config.g file.
[* yellow] Change the P value of M558 to match whichever probe you are using.
[* yellow] X, Y and Z values define whether or not there is a probe on that axis. A zero means that a probe is not used.
[* yellow] H value defines the dive height, which is the height above the trigger height from which probing starts.
[* yellow] F value defines the "feed rate", or probing speed in millimeters per minute.
[* yellow] T value defines the travel speed at which the probe is moved between probe points in millimeters per minute.