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WARNING! From February 2022, these pages are no longer maintained.
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Changes to Ender 3 Pro and Duet Maestro Guide Part 2: Configuration Introduction

Edit by Jason Znack

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In the previous guide, we mounted the Duet Maestro board inside the Ender 3 and connected all the wires.
Before we can use the Duet, we need to provide it with configuration information specific to the printer.
This guide will go through how to obtain the needed information, and how to go through the online configuration tool to generate a set of config files that will work with the Ender 3.
Even though this guide is specific to the Ender 3, the general principles remain the same for other printers, and could be used as a basis for adapting printers.
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== Download Completed Config Files Here ==
If you'd like to skip using the configurator, or would like something to compare your result against, you can download the complete config set and slicer profiles here: